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Powerful Book Gifted to And I Stand Nonprofit

The start of 2021 was nothing short than priceless as the official book launch of Unmasking the Truth Behind "I'm Good" became available on Amazon platforms. The vision of this book project started with Dr. Jayco McCowan who reached out to close acquaintances to embark on a journey towards healing through writing. In collaboration with authors, Ennun Walker, iiiYansaje T. Muse, and Kevin Trent, Dr. McCowan produced a powerful book that will inspire you to be triumphant no matter your adversity. This book reminds us to turn our adversities into testimonies to help others going through challenges. This book is part one of a three-part book series.

According to the Amazon Unmasking the Truth book site, see the official summary about the book below:


This unconventional inspirational book is composed of a series of real stories from four individuals (men and women) that went through horrific adversities. Unmasking the Truth Behind “I’m Good”, highlights sexual assault, rape, molestation, and domestic violence that negatively impact the mental well-being of people from the Black community which are relatable to other communities of color. In essence, these stories cover how one could start the journey to healing despite adversities. Between stories, there is an emphasis on "Zen" that allows the reader to engage in a peaceful exercise that can be utilized in daily practice. Each story is told differently but the encouragement to heal never changes.

In an effort to stand against, mental health stigma, sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, drug abuse, and alcohol abuse the authors have gifted this book to a nonprofit that provide resources to help combat these issues in the Black community and other communities of color. The authors have donated this book to a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization called And I Stand. For more information about And I Stand, visit


And I Stand is grateful for this book gift and sends our gratitude to all the authors involved! Looking for your next read? Check out Unmasking the Truth Behind: "I'm Good".

For updates on the book series follow on Instagram.

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