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Need Help? Want to get involved?

Getting involved as a volunteer, collaborator, and/or an advocate etc. is critical to the success of  And I Stand. No matter the reason, we want to ensure that you have an opportunity to change the lives of others through activism,  education, services, and support.


On the contrary, if you are seeking help, And I Stand representatives are here to make sure you are aligned to the best programs and services to address your needs.


Rather you are seeking assistance or you want to get involved, contact us today. Scroll down for more information about our services and click "See Our Events" for more resources. 

Colorful Friends

Let's Make A Change

Services and Programs


Mental Health continues to effect various minority communities and due to diverse circumstances,  effective support have been scarce. And I Stand is committed to change the narrative by  being  a voice for the voiceless and a resource to underrepresented communities due to health disparities etc. through natural/spiritual support, educational programs, and counseling resources. We are steadfast in our "Mental Health Does Not Define You" approach.

This program and service aids individuals and family members that have been affected  by rape/sexual assault on college campuses and in communities. And I Stand also provides advocacy and educational training  services on these topics.  Additionally, And I Stand provides specialty educational resources on human trafficking awareness.

No Means STOP

S- Say Sorry

T- Talk About It

O- Own Your Mistake

P-Provide Space and Be Accountable

This service is provided to address, prevent, and combat domestic violence. Through advocacy and partnerships with survivors and subject matter experts we are committed to saving lives and STANDING against domestic violence (DV).  The No More Challenge  Program, educates the community on how to look for signs through preventive measures and take action against abuser(s). This challenge also addresses other forms of domestic violence and how one stands their ground during these traumatic situations. No one should ever be in fear at the hands of another human being.  

The Taylor Project is named after Taylor Angelle McCowan who tragically lost her life at a young age to an individual who was driving while under the influence.  Her story, inspired the creation of this three part educational program to provide training centered around alcohol and drug abuse. In addition this program, places a heavy emphasis on driving under the influence of a substance (s) (e.g. drug and alcohol). We believe in the "each one teach one"  philosophy in teaching through relatable experience to encourage a change in mindset. The Taylor project aims to education the community with the goal of positively changing and saving lives. 

And I Stand is committed to advocate and educate the community against these horrific issues that take the lives of many every year. If you are interested in the Taylor Project, contact us today!

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