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Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The Taylor Project

Image by Alex Kalligas

End Substance Abuse

According to, ethnic minorities may face higher rates of addiction than national averages suggest due to poor living conditions; limited access to specialized care; and elevated social, economic, emotional, and environmental risk factors. Understanding the above reasons to include cultural and racial factors should be key in considering how services and tools are shared  with marginalized communities.  Substance abuse is higher with people of color and has been plaguing minority communities for years. So, why are there still disparities in providing help to areas that need assistance? As a community, we must ban together to advocate against substance abuse. We have to be consistent in our efforts to make sure this problem is addressed with meaningful action. And I Stand will aid in making sure that oppressed areas obtain the guidance and assistance needed to mitigate these problems through programs, partnerships, and resources.

The Taylor Project

The Taylor Project is named after Taylor Angelle McCowan who tragically lost her life at a young age to an individual who was driving while under the influence.  Her story, inspired the creation of this three part educational program to provide training centered around alcohol and drug abuse. In addition this program, places a heavy emphasis on driving under the influence of a substance (s) (e.g. drug and alcohol). We believe in the "each one teach one" philosophy by teaching through relatable experience to encourage a change in mindset. The Taylor project aims to education the community with the goal of positively changing and saving lives. 

And I Stand is committed to advocate and educate minority communities against these horrific issues that take the lives of many every year. If you are interested in the Taylor Project, contact us today!

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