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AIS Board Member Highlight: Karina Anderson

Financial literacy serves as a the ability to comprehend financial terms and techniques to help one plan for the future. Financial literacy involves understanding budgeting, personal finance, and investing to ensure that one is financially sound. Having the understanding of financial literacy is important but faces disparities in minority communities. Studies have linked inequities to financial literacy through socioeconomic status, politics, and insufficient guidance. This challenge is essential to help tackle and takes advocates to seek and enforce change through actions.

And I Stand Board Member, Karina Anderson, is helping bridge the gap in an effort to increase financial literacy to the community. Ms. Anderson started Dream to Vision Education Inc to empower education on various levels that help youth and adults be the best versions of themselves. As an experienced consultant, Ms. Anderson focuses on education, professional development, financial consultation, and retirement planning.

Additionally, as a civic servant and a leader in the community, Ms. Anderson has dedicated her time to give back to the community by taking a STAND against domestic violence, human trafficking, and the list goes on. Through her contributions, she has been helpful in our efforts to shelters that house families of abuse in Houston and Fort Bend. She also has served as subject matter expert on these issues by advocating for victims and survivors. We want to thank Ms. Karina Anderson for the great work she does; we are happy to have her as a member of the AIS Board.

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