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AIS Board Member Makes An Impact With Art: Kevin Trent

Knowing the importance of being creative through art is something And I Stand Board Member, Mr. Kevin Trent is no stranger to in Houston, TX. However, Mr. Trent takes it a step further by encouraging art to inner city youth in Houston. His annual program, Art in the Park, not only encourages youth to get creative but it provides a mechanism to increase communication and expression contributing to a positive mental health environment. While his art program is open to all children, he targets minority children in an effort to provide artistic opportunities to oppressed populations.

Through his efforts, Mr. Trent is an active contributor to And I Stand ensuring that the organization is tied into his purpose to increase the monumental impact of changing lives. His initiatives, provides therapy for youth through creativity and awareness. This type of philanthropy and service is what makes our board of directors unique! People like Mr. Trent proves that having the passion to STAND for a cause can truly make a rewarding difference. Thank you for your service and contributions to the community Mr. Trent.

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