Past Events

And I Stand Nonprofit is committed to giving back to the community. Since And I Stand started in 2020, despite starting during a pandemic, we believed that our services are needed more than ever and we are committed to continuous services. 

And I Stand Official Launch & Learn- 10/01/20

This virtual event provided information about And I Stand and how individuals could get involved in the efforts that impact communities of color. To view our launch event, please visit our Official Facebook Page

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Part I: Don't Silence Domestic Violence-10/10/20

Part I of our domestic violence (DV) awareness virtual informational webinar provided support information and tools to the community to help combat domestic violence. Event sponsors included:

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Omicron Gamma Zeta Chapter and the Women's Resource Group at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), Kesha Amos Law Office


Topics covered included:

-DV Myths and Stigmas

-Types and Signs of DV


-DV Support and Advocacy

-Legal Action Against DV

-Q&A Session

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Part II: Don't Silence Domestic Violence-10/17/20

And I Stand brought a diverse virtual panel together made up of  survivors, counseling experts, and resource representatives.  Expect to hear real conversations from real experiences. 


Topics of Discussions included:


1. Stereotypes of DV 

2. Rise of DV during the Pandemic 

3. Human Trafficking in Relation to DV 

4. DV Experiences 

5. What Actions Can Victims Take Now? 

6. DV Stigma; Creating Safe Spaces

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Part III: Don't Silence Domestic Violence

(Teen Edition)-10/31/20

This event was a virtual roundtable discussion on real topics centered around teen domestic violence awareness.


Topics of Discussion:


1. What is Teen DV? 

2. The Importance of Understanding DV 

3. Scenarios Examples/Stories 

4. What Are and Should Schools Implement to Education the Youth? 

5. What Does a Safe Space Look Like for Teens in Relationships Involving DV?


Virtual Book Release: Unmasking the Truth Behind

"I'm Good"-01/21/21

Four co-authors came together and to take readers through real life stories of individuals who go through traumatic situations that negatively impact their mental health.  The goal of these stories is to inspire communities of color overcome and push through! This virtual event included a discussion on how mental health affects the minority community and what actions can be taken to fight against  various aspects of mental health challenges discussed in the book .Unmasking the Truth Behind I'm Good was gifted to And I Stand nonprofit. Review recording. Note: Please excuse the technical difficulties 

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Writing with Miss Winn: Coping with Trauma Through 

Expressive Writing- 02/10/21

This educational collaborative effort was brought to the community by And I Stand and Winn Publications LLC in an effort to assist individuals with their journey of healing. People that have experienced mental health stigma, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, alcohol abuse, drug abuse and/or additional trauma that has directly or indirectly affected your wellbeing=were welcome to attend. There are several coping mechanisms to assist in one's journey towards healing, but this course  highlighted expressive writing. This educational program started in Feb but will end in June 2021 for participants that signed up. 



  • Assist in one's journey towards healing

  • Learn steps to expressive writing (you do not have to be a pro, you can be a beginner)

  • Ability to be apart of a support circle

  • Opportunity to work with a real publisher

  • Possible publishing opportunities

  • Free virtual three 1-hour course sessions

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The Taylor Project-03/27/21

This virtual event introduced the Taylor Project and what actions are necessary in mitigating alcohol and drug influence with an emphasis on DWI/DUIs. The history of the Taylor Project starts with Taylor McCowan who lost her life to a drunk driver who was a U,S, Marshall. Taylor was 23 years old' the night of the crash, Taylor was coming back from bible study in early 2020. This event highlighted family members, and a representative from MADD, and professional therapy when trying to cope after loosing a loved one. Click here to review the recording. Note: if you view this event, you will see the raw emotions of the people she touched. 

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And I Stand & End Rape On Campus Collaboration:
No Means STOP: Title IX

Understanding Title IX and how it affects students is a vital conversation that should be a strong focal point at all institutions. Putting emphasis on understanding Title IX and student rights under this law is essential to understanding what services and resources are available. This virtual event took place on Instagram which highlighted the real challenges and solutions to combat challenges with an emphasis on rape and sexual assault. This discussion charged Greeks with stepping up to help stop campus rape and sexual assault.